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It’s where your dog would spend his pocket money!

Our on-site shop is packed full of great food, toys, treats, harnesses and all manner of other goodies for your dog.
We also offer a free food delivery service in Sudbury and the surrounding areas. There’s no minimum order, so we can save you time & effort stocking up on your dog’s favourite meals & treats. Call 01787 310672 to place an order or for more information.

Monday to Friday   8am – 6pm 
Saturday   9.30am – 4pm 
We’re passionate about giving dogs the best food possible! Your dog’s diet will affect not only his general health but can also be a major factor in his behaviour. Dog food, and the marketing that surrounds it, can be confusing so we’re happy to help you out and give you some advice.

We stock pre-prepared frozen raw foods by Nutriment and Natural Instinct, as well as a wide range of bones, natural chews and treats. If you would like to find out more about raw feeding, drop in and see us for a chat.

We also sell what we consider to be one of the best dry foods on the market, Barking Heads.The whole range is made using human grade ingredients and top quality meats. From puppies to adult dogs to seniors, there is a Barking Heads variety to suit your dog. The high quality ingredients mean it’s yummy too, and we have yet to meet a dog that didn’t love it!

If you want to find out about more about the food you give your dog, or the brands that we sell, pay a visit to www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk for unbiased reviews and ratings.
Walking your dog should be one of life’s great pleasures, but for lots of people it means their arms being pulled out of the sockets as your dog enthusiastically tries to reach the park or field long before you do!

Relax! There is a solution. We stock the Freedom No-Pull Harness, which is a great tool for helping your dog learn to a walk beautifully on a loose lead. We import these patented harnesses from America and they are taking our customers by storm! Bring your dog in to our shop to try one out, and find out what a joy it can be to walk with your dog.
We stock a huge range of toys, balls, games and interactive feeders by top names such as Kong, Chuck-it, Goughnuts and Nina Ottosson. All the toys and games we sell have been tested by our day care dogs, so we know they are tough, long-lasting and, above all, fun for dogs.