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The Sudbury Dog Company LTD, Daycare and Training Centre.

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The Sudbury Dog Company is owned by Genevieve and Jonathan Parsons, a husband and wife team that share a passion for canine welfare.

Genevieve Parsons

I have spent my 20 year career in animal rescue, mainly working for the RSPCA. In that time I have also worked for The Cats Protection League, as a veterinary nurse and with horses.  For six years I was the Deputy Manager of an RSPCA rehoming Centre in Essex where I lived on site with my husband and two children.

Through my many years in rescue I have gained an enormous amount of experience dealing with dogs with every behaviour problem imaginable. All my own dogs have been adopted from the RSPCA or rescued privately and all of them have come from severely deprived or neglectful backgrounds which has left them psychologically damaged. I have had to study all aspects of dog psychology in order to help them and this left me with a passion to continue to learn and teach others how to prevent and treat these issues for other dogs and their owners.

This passion has led me on to gain recognised qualifications in dog behaviour and training so that I can back up my vast practical experience with the latest academic knowledge to ensure that I can do the very best by the clients and their dogs in my care.

I am a competent clicker trainer and am working with an APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) trainer to complete my CAP1 (Competency Assessment Programme) in clicker training. I am also due to apply for my own APDT membership which will enable me to work on more difficult and complex behaviour problems.

I have a recent qualification with John Fisher and Sarah Whiteheads ‘Alpha Education’ in the ‘Think Dog’ Behaviour course which is accredited to the A.P.B.C (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors). I received A grade level throughout this course and am ready to start the Advanced level.

I am well qualified to help owners with training, common behaviour issues, socialisation, introducing a new dog or puppy into a house with established pets and children, managing their dog outside the home and much more. I also know my limits and will refer any clients on to our qualified A.P.B.C behaviourist that works closely with us to provide an assessment and solution for any very complex problems.

I am trained to micro-chip and administer subcutaneous injections (vaccinations and medicinal such as anti-biotic, anti- inflammatory and insulin) I also hold RSPCA certificates in first aid, Dog Handling, Farm animal handling , euthanasia, management and standard procedure training.
Jonathan Parsons

My husband and I have together adopted many rescue dogs and his help has been key to their rehabilitation. Patience, love, understanding and consistency is so important when dealing with any animal that has been neglected or mistreated. Jonathan has been through all my training with me, he has read all of my assignments, taken part in many discussions regarding canine issues and has a well rounded understanding to practice all of the training methods I use.

Jonathans has a vast experience in business, before setting up the Sudbury Dog Company he worked as a Sales & Marketing Director of a successful construction materials company. The toll of commuting 4 hours a day for the last 4 years payed its price, which caused him to make a choice in his life by either gettting a new job or to create one for him self. It was then when we both came up with pursuing an idea that we had both held onto for the last 6 years and that was to set a dog day care business. So Jonathan set to work to putting pen to paper to create the business plan that helped us build The Sudbury Dog Company Ltd.